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About Triple Value Leadership

What is Triple Value Leadership?

Triple Value Leadership is a platform for the development of impact leadership for next generation leaders. It helps people to unlock their unique sustainable leadership potential based on the Six Principles of Life described in the book Triple Value Leadership.

How can business transform itself?

How can companies no longer merely extract value, but start to create value for the needs of society and the planet? How can companies become net benefactors to society and the environment, while still also benefiting themselves? How can leaders create a future for their organization that truly inspires a next generation of purpose-driven clients, employees and shareholders?

A new paradigm

Triple Value is a new paradigm that allows business leaders to positively contribute to society by recognizing that business is a part of society and not apart from society. This recognition will flip the business model from value extraction into joint value creation. Rather than creating value primarily for the shareholders and senior managers, business can now learn to create value for their organizations, their customers and society at the same time.

Transform your company into a purpose-driven organization

Triple Value can help you to transform your company into a purpose-driven organization that attracts the right people, clients and resources. By actually serving the growing needs of the planet and society, you can become a brand of choice for consumers, the preferred employer for future talent and be on the top of the list of the growing community of impact investors.

A unique approach to leadership

Our unique approach to leadership is defined as Triple Value Leadership, suited to address today’s complex challenges. This has been derived from a decade of research with leading organizations and research institutions. Triple Value Leadership is rooted in time-tested leadership traditions and latest insights from neuro-science, psychology, biology and human performance.


Unlock leadership potential, passion and purpose

Triple Value Leadership can be trained and developed. Through experiential design and exposure to nature, as well as an understanding of the systemic nature of the challenges that we are facing, we unlock leadership potential, passion and purpose, sparking new ways of thinking and collaborative action for sustainable success.

“Triple Value Leadership is about the groundbreaking mindshift that is needed to prepare business for the new normal. Tideman brilliantly discloses the essentials of how to include human, social and natural capital in tomorrow’s leadership. Visionary, inspiring, and importantly, also very practical!”

Volkert Engelsman, CEO, Eosta BV

“We assess all our leaders on their contribution to Triple Value creation. Financial performance is necessary but not enough. In fact, if you want sustainable success, you cannot drive business results without taking care of the planet and society, as well as your own people.”

Alan Jope, CEO, Unilever

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