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Executive Coaching

We help leaders and professionals in a custom-made process to deal with personal and professional transitions and challenges, aimed at generating sustainable breakthrough insights. We help leaders to unleash the full powers of their mind and heart – their sustainable leadership potential.

In our academy programs we offer an integrated approach for you and your organization to (re) purposing Self, Organizations and Systems (SOS). As business is a subset of natural systems, leadership needs to be aware of the systems dimension of business, on multiple levels of complexity. In order to access the energy needed for dealing with complexity, there is a need for inner leadership, which allows leaders to enhance their capacity. Most essentially, we need to transform indifference into compassion which is the most powerful human motivation. Inner and outer leadership combined leads to positive impact.

Sustainable Top Teams

We help executive boards and senior teams to embrace sustainability from within. By clarifying mission, vision, strategy and team dynamics from a sustainable systems view, we empower the top team to be a catalyst and role model for sustainable change, creating an authentic high-performing sustainable culture.

Leadership journeys

We design bespoke leadership journeys programs that equip individuals and teams with tools and mindsets to discover their unique purpose and positive potential. We work with partners across the world to host deep immersive experiences in authentic cultures and unspoiled nature for leaders to renew and replenish their batteries.

Next Generation Leadership Training

We train young and upcoming leaders to unlock the powers of their mind and heart, through experiential and nature-based learning experiences, while working on real life challenges and opportunities for sustainable impact.

TVL System Events

Through partnering with experts, we work with individuals, teams and organizations on real-life challenges, aimed at creating sustainable solutions with systems impact. We convene leaders across sectors and industries in ‘impact labs’ to accelerate transformative change to unlock pathways for innovation.

“The book Triple Value Leadership of Sander Tideman is very relevant for any leader of an organization willing to make positive societal impact. The book helps to clarify the dilemmas at various levels of complexity that we face when developing and implementing sustainability strategy. It provides accessible and easy-to-apply suggestions to realize a sustainable value creation strategy in which there is win-win for business, clients and society. The book is an impressive piece of work and a joy to read.”

Wendy de Jong,
CEO, Oost NL – East Netherlands Development Agency