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Leadership Programs

We offer a number of bespoke leadership programs for senior and upcoming leaders, aimed at making a positive difference on their organizations and on society at large.


Compassionate Leadership in Business (CLB)

A program and alumni network that unlocks and strengthens compassionate leadership skills and competences for those working within the business and finance sector.

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Impact Leadership Program

The Impact Leadership Program is a comprehensive program designed for senior and upcoming leaders to learn the skills and practices for becoming a sustainable change leader, equipped to create and lead flourishing organizations and tackle systemic challenges impacting business.

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Our world is in great danger. Politically, socially and environmentally. If business could lead with compassion and human kindness first it would go a long way towards solving those issues. This program is the guidebook and support network that will make this more possible for you”

Howard Fisher, CEO Basso Capital

“No matter how long you have practiced mindfulness, This is an excellent program to learn and experience more among a community of other financial services leaders committed to applying their learnings to their business, lives, their families and their communities.”

Bill Haynes, Founder & CEO, Backbay Communications

“This program is great opportunity to put into practice how to listen, think and contemplate to help solve global challenges. It has been a great joy a privilege to join in the inaugural program.”

Tsewang Namgyal, SVP Project Finance, MUFG

If you sincerely attempt to take the lessons of this program to heart it will change your heart and mind. It will make appreciate so much of life that you have been missing right in front of you.”

Chris Thomas, Co-Founder and Partner, Assembly Ventures

“This is a program designed to help you better understand how compassion can be used as leaders in our organization, communities and personal lives. You’ll learn very useful models and frameworks and meet like-minded professionals. It was a great pleasure to attend.”

Susana Mendoza, Managing Director, Private Capital Markets, ECM TD Securities