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Compassionate Leadership in Business (CLB) Program

A program and alumni network that unlocks and strengthens compassionate leadership skills and competences for those working within the business and finance sector.

Since our first program in 2021, we have successfully run several 4-month hybrid on-line and in person programs as well as custom-designed trainings and retreats for all levels of leaders, from CEO’s to the next-generation leaders in the finance sector.


Key elements of the CLB program:

  • contemplative-based leadership practices
  • key insights from science
  • immersive experiences in nature
  • peer coaching and group feedback
  • practical problem solving and decision-making exercises.

a larger societal context

CLB is unique in that we not only focus on self-compassion and organizational compassion, but also sharpen the participant’s clarity towards their society and the world at large. We create opportunities around—and encourage participants to further explore their experiences with— compassion in a larger societal context: self, community & planet. Our unique approach creates a “non-competitive advantage” and an opportunity for leaders across industries to collaborate, learn with and from each other.

Performance and purpose driven culture

This multifaceted approach is aimed at strengthening one’s ability to lead a performance and purpose driven culture. Beyond the evidence-based research we now have highlighted the need for effective leaders to understand and embrace ESG and DEI policies and actions. Today’s pressing questions call on each of us to be curious and committed to finding new ways of approaching the rapidly shifting unknowns that surround our personal, professional and environmental realities.

growing community of impact investors

CLB provides the community and the necessary tools for leaders to clearly discern the growing needs of their own company and, in turn, how these needs can be aligned with the growing needs of our society and planet.   Participants walk away seeing that societal challenges are not to be feared; instead, these changes can be embraced and optimized to deepen and strengthen their inner leadership, while adapting to future growth markets within their organizations, as well as to achieve sustainable impact. Participants are eager to transform their companies into purpose-driven organizations that attracts the right people, clients and resources.  They create cultures that can become a brand of choice for consumers, the preferred employer for future talent and be on the top of the list of the growing community of impact investors.

Do you have an interest in growing into a more compassionate leader?

Are you looking for tools and experiences that will allow you to have a positive impact on your organization’s culture, your clients and society?

Program elements

8 webinars
2,5 days Retreat
Coaching sessions
Reading materials
TVL assessment

The CLB program can be tailored to in-company and team needs.

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CLB 4-month Hybrid program:

CLB Network Membership (for Alumni):
$800 per year

What will you learn?

  • Build effective leadership by learning multiple mindfulness-based compassionate leadership skills.
  • individualized insights into your greatest areas of existing strengths as well as areas for development and continued growth.
  • more attuned to your personal values and relationship to compassionate leadership
  • Learn how to positively impact team performance, employee engagement, & employee wellbeing.
  • Learn how to strengthen communication and deepen effective stakeholder management.
  • Develop tools to build and sustain an inclusive performance culture.
  • Connect your leadership purpose to impact your organization’s ESG agenda and policies.

Additional benefits

Access to a unique alumni network.

Received a personalized leadership assessment using a cutting-edge TVL model. 

Our world is in great danger. Politically, socially and environmentally. If business could lead with compassion and human kindness first it would go a long way towards solving those issues. This program is the guidebook and support network that will make this more possible for you”

Howard Fischer, CEO Basso Capital

“This program is designed to help you better understand how compassion can be used as leaders in our organization, communities and personal lives. You’ll learn very useful models and frameworks and meet like-minded professionals. It was a great pleasure to attend.”

Susana Mendoza, Managing Director, Private Capital Markets, ECM TD Securities

“This program does a fantastic job of making the connection to everyday work and the act of compassion. Highly recommended to every leader who wants to have a postive impact on employees, clients and communities.

Shannan Herbert, Chief Executive Officer, Racial Equity in Lending Advocate

I found myself searching for both my inner self as well as for a new professional path. Participating in this program allowed me to achieve a deep transformation of my reality. I discovered that self-compassion was the key to truly understanding myself in the present and to finding answers grounded in inner peace”. Tsering Yangki, EVP Real Estate Finance, Dream, Canada

The TVL framework is groundbreaking as it allows one to center oneself then recognize our interdependencies between organization and systems. The influence could be in any which way.

Julie Skye, CEO at Sustainable Advisors Alliance LLC

The program created a safe space for open communication and reflection, something I appreciated immensely. I liked how the courses were framed starting from oneself and moving outward.

Marie-isabelle Palacios-Hardy, COO & Chief Legal Council

CLB origins

CLB arose from the Compassionate Leadership in Finance (CLiF) program initiated by the Garrison Institute in New York from 2021-2024. The content development and delivery of CLiF was led by TVL’s Sander Tideman, a leading specialist in leadership development and organizational transformation, and Annemieke van der Werff, a global senior HR executive with three decades of corporate experience. Sander and Annemieke have joined forces in Triple Value Leadership and created CLB as a platform to evolve their work started with the Garrison Institute’s CLiF initiative.