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Impact Leadership Program

The Impact Leadership Program is a comprehensive program designed for senior and upcoming leaders to learn the skills and practices for becoming a sustainable change leader, equipped to create and lead flourishing organizations and tackle systemic challenges impacting business.

In this certificate program, leaders will learn from experts in outer and inner leadership, including how to unlock the powers of their mind and heart, through science-based, experiential and immersive learning experiences. While learning the mechanics of TVL leadership, they will apply their learning to real life challenges and opportunities for sustainable impact. Guided by ongoing mentoring and coaching, they will join a tribe of Impact Warriors.



  • Learn to how to become sustainable change leader
  • Learn how to overcome challenges and setbacks in transformation
  • Unlock the full power of your mind and heart
  • Learn how to develop and use opportunities for creating impact
  • Become member of learning tribe of Impact Warriors

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This program is under development.

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