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Nature-based Purpose Quest – leading from your inner nature

The world is facing unprecedented challenges. We all feel discouraged at times: What can we do to address these crises? How can I make a difference? What is my role? How can I lead others toward a better future? This Purpose Quest offers a structured program combining ancient wisdom traditions and nature immersion to create a new and more empowered perspective and develop practical skills for leadership in sustainability.

We find ourselves at a transition point – for ourselves, as organizations and society. This is what leadership is about. As a leader, it is our role to bring the future forward through new perspectives on what we are to be and what we are to do, while bringing people along in this new perspective. Invariably, this new perspective comes with purpose.

Ancient wisdom traditions have developed techniques for leaders to find purpose in dealing with major challenges and to facilitate the growth in human capacity that this requires. What can we learn from these traditions? How did they access the deeper sources of wisdom and power that they needed to navigate through times of change?

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