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Reframing Sustainability Leadership

March 1, 2024

Sander Tideman interviewed by Rachael De Renzy Channer, Egon Zehnder, Executive Search

“In his book “Triple Value Leadership,” Sander Tideman presents a compelling sustainability leadership framework aimed at cultivating sustainable value within organizations. Intrigued by his ideas and driven to explore the concept of systems thinking, I had the privilege of sitting down with Sander to delve deeper into his journey and insights. As an accomplished leader and dedicated coach for other leaders, he advocates for breaking traditional leadership paradigms and embracing inner growth.

During our conversation, Sander emphasizes the essence of leadership as the ability to reframe challenges into opportunities and growth prospects. He urges us to focus passionately not only on the outer journey but also on nurturing our inner selves. By challenging our mindsets and breaking free from conventional notions, Sander believes that we can find relief and witness improved performance in both our personal and professional lives.”

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